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Error creating a user contact in the Sitecore XDb - solved

Recently, I had to deal with an issue related to the creation of a user's contact in the Sitecore XD [More]

URL Rewrite Module for Sitecore, part 2

This post is the second par [More]

How to create custom view rendering

According to the Sitecore community documentation, "a view rendering is the simplest Sitecore MVC re [More]

How to change the default search engine in Chromium-base Edge

Today, Microsoft just released a Microsoft Edge Insider Channels page where you can download the lat [More]

URL Rewrite Module for Sitecore, part 1

When the content of a page has expired or it is not relevant anymore, and a new version is av [More]

Introducing Sitecore.Extensions

Set of utilities for the Sitecore interface to make developers and editors more productive.
View on [More]

Sitecore WFFM and TLS

Some weeks ago, the infrastructure team in charge to monitor the security threads of some applicatio [More]

Sitecore 8.2 Update 7 and GDPR, part 2 - right to be informed

can be configured to enable the right to be informed, which may help you meet the requirement that y [More]

Must-Have Windows Apps: EarTrumpet

As a developer, you probably spent several hours in front of the computer with your headset. Some de [More]