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Quick announcement => Glass.Mapper.Sc #FTW

You have probably used Glass.Mapper.Sc in your projects. You probably have used it with Sitecore TDS to generate the code that maps your templates and renderings of the coolest sites you created. Glass.Mapper.Sc has saved me a lot of time and headaches during the last years.

I remember when I started to learn Sitecore and had to map the templates using string constants and GUIDs to maps the fields of my new templates, and then use Sitecore.Context.Database.GetItem, and THEN, cast the item to an object that was easier to handle.

Well, recently, when we were in a call with a colleague, we were checking something in the documentation in the Glass.Mapper website, when we found that now you can support the developers of this lifesaver open source project. After a couple of clicks, we ended in the Patreon site for Glass.Mapper. I had not to think a lot about to contribute, so, starting in November, I will be contributing monthly to this great project.

If you also want to contribute, go to the Patreon site and give the Glass.Mapper team some ❤ (and some 🤑).

That's it for today.

Until the next post!